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The last
Girl With Guitar
appearance was at PACE in
Easthampton, MA for a Local Singer/SongwriterShowcase with
Courtney Robbins &
Shane Shayers-Couzyn
January 15, 2004

Recording Project News

October 18, 2004

A funny thing happened when I asked for help with my Zoom MRS-4 recording unit. A band formed. Gary Entsminger in Colorado and Nick Gotelli way up in VT not only helped me solve my Zoom troubles, they collaborated with me on a live recording. We're calling ourselves the Jawless Fishes, and the debut CD is called Field Notes.

This band is the kind that pops up out of nowhere for the space of a weekend to produce a single CD - like a night blooming cactus that gives off the most outrageous sweet scent, but only when the moon is full once every ten years. It's a great CD if I do say so myself. Hear the whole cd at Gary's page

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